10 things that are better to write by hand

April 28, 2015 STABILO

Handwriting may be slower than typing, but the critical thinking process that goes with writing by hand makes it so much better for learning and remembering information. When it comes to everyday tasks, a pen is much more convenient and easier to pick up than a laptop.

To celebrate National Stationery Week and to help ‘Get Britain Writing’, here’s our list of ten things that are better to write by hand:

1. Shopping lists

Writing a shopping list might seem mundane but whether you scribble down a random listQuiz sketch4 of things you’ve run out of, or write out a carefully considered list of items by aisle, writing it by hand is much more proactive than typing one on your phone.

2. Letters

Typed letters are very formal so if you’re writing a personal or love letter, handwritten is the best way to go. Not only will it be one of a kind, but your handwriting will support the emotion and feeling of the words you’re committing to paper.

3. Lecture/revision notes

Because writing is slower and engages the brain more than typing, learning by writing handwritten notes is hugely beneficial to revision or in lectures.

4. Reminders

You can set a reminder or make a note on your phone but nothing beats writing reminders on a Post-It and sticking it on the fridge or front door.

5. Cards

Handwritten cards are so much more personal and convey far more feeling than a typed up one. Whether you’re sending a thank-you, birthday, anniversary or Christmas card, writing by hand is ten times better.

6. Creative ideas

If you get a sudden burst of inspiration, you haven’t got time to start up a laptop or find Love quote2the notes section on your phone, you need to scribble it down straight away. Keeping a pen and ‘ideas’ book with you will help capture all your genius creations.

7. Calendars

Calendars may look lovely and neat when they’ve been typed up and formatted on a computer but writing out your plans by hand will help you remember that dentist appointment or Gran’s birthday.

8. Diaries

Keeping a diary of your day, special occasions or thoughts is a very personal thing and writing by hand perfectly suits this activity. It’s great to look back years later and remember all those memories.

9. To-do lists

If you’re a list person you’ll have tonnes of to-do lists for every aspect of your life. Handwritten lists will keep your to-dos fresh in your mind and there’s nothing better than crossing things you’ve done off the list.

10. Stories

If you’re writing a book then typing is probably a better choice, but writing down little stories or developing characters is a brilliant thing to do by hand. Let the creativity flow and fill notebooks with anecdotes, fantasies or adventures.

National Stationery Week runs from 27th April to 3rd May 2015 and advocates the power of the written word to ‘Get Britain Writing’. Visit our website to view the huge range of STABILO pens to make writing fun or explore our blog for revision tips, kids’ activities and competitions.





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