Best things about back to school

August 27, 2015 STABILO

You might be dreading the end of the summer holidays and starting a new year at school, but there are actually a lot of things to look forward to. Here are our best things about going back to school:

Writing on the first page of your notebook – getting a new exercise book at school means only one thing: using your favourite pens and your best handwriting to make the first page as neat as possible. It only goes downhill from here; the next page will be back to unintelligible scribble!

Getting to use all your new stationery – all of that back to school shopping means you’ve got loads of exciting new stationery to try out and make your work look awesome. You’ll only lend your new orange highlighter to your most trusted of friends of course, if they’re lucky.

Seeing your friends – seeing your friends every day is definitely not a bad thing and you’ll need to catch up on what everyone did over the summer, finding out all of the gossip, holiday romances and hotel horror stories.

Learning new stuff – a new year means new topics in all of your classes, so instead of spending weeks revising old knowledge like you did for pre-holiday exams, you’ll be learning cool new stuff, like bloody battles in History or making colourful explosions in Chemistry.

Getting new teachers – who will be your favourite teacher this year? You get to suss out any new teachers to find out what their style is. Which one of them looks like your dad? Who is the new funny teacher in the school?

Showing off your new uniform accessories – you might be restricted to a uniform every day but going back to school means you can show off your cool new haircut or school bag to full effect. Try and get away with wearing those new trainers or that sparkly nail varnish for as long as possible.

Sports clubs – from hockey to rugby club, there are plenty of school sports to get involved with if your favourite subject is P.E. Why not spend your lunch break at football training or trampolining? Show off your skills or just give it your best shot.

New kids in class – there’s always a new student who has transferred from another school or moved from another country. They could be the new popular kid or a geek, either way new personalities are always interesting.

New snacks at the tuckshop – last year everyone rushed to get there before the chocolate cookies sold out. What will be the new favourite this year? Make sure you don’t miss out!

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