Car games for summer road trips

July 24, 2015 STABILO

If you’re taking the family on a road trip this summer you’ll be thinking about how to minimise the cries of “Are we nearly there yet?!” Many parents may keep the peace by using games or films on an in-car tablet, but we’ve come up with some great traditional games to keep your children entertained in the car.


I spy with my little eye

I spy is one of the oldest and best car games. You don’t need any accessories and you can play with kids as young as four years, if they have a good grasp on talking.


Yellow car!shutterstock_38021896

This is a really easy game that simply involves spotting yellow cars. The person who spots the most yellow cars by the end of the journey wins. You can make this game more complex by designating each person with a different colour and seeing who can find the most objects of their colour by the end of the journey. This is brilliant for children who are learning about colours and suits children of all ages.


Treasure hunt

Before you set off, create a treasure hunt sheet for each child with pictures or a list of objects that they need to find on the journey. You can adapt this to each child’s age and stage of learning so everyone can enjoy it. When they find an object on their list they can tick it off. It’s also easily adaptable for wherever you’re off to; for example, if you’re going to the seaside, see who can see the sea first.

[Cow, traffic light, traffic cone, church, oak tree, petrol station, red bus, coach, sheep, pig, blue car, digger, fire engine, green lorry]


Bus stop tally

This game involves making teams by splitting the driver and passenger sides of the car. The driver team takes the right side of the road and the passenger team take the left side of the road. You then compete against the other team by counting the number of people at each bus stop you pass. The first team to reach 50 wins. You can make the game slightly harder by giving more points for dogs or people wearing hats.


Story writingCappi car 2

Ask your children to make up a story about your journey and write it down, illustrating it with their own pictures. If your child needs a bit of help, make up a ‘story’ bag with props that they can choose at random and write a story around. Encourage them to be as creative and imaginative as possible. STABILO’s Cappi pens are perfect for this game as you can attach the cap-ring around the seat in front so no lids will be lost out of reach.


Don’t laugh

To stop grumpy children throwing a fully-fledged tantrum, try playing the ‘don’t laugh’ game. One player must try and keep a straight face for as long as they can while the others do their best to make them laugh. This can be through telling jokes or saying funny words but tickling is definitely not allowed.


Classic colouring books

Kids can spend hours colouring in so why not include this as an in-car activity too? A bumper size colouring book for each child will keep them busy throughout the holiday. Our Cappi fibre-tip pens are perfect for in the car as their unusual tube shape means they won’t roll away, and you can clip the cap-ring around the seat in front to prevent lost pen lids.


Hopefully these games will make your journey a little bit smoother when travelling with kids. Our 24 and 12 sets of Cappi pens are currently on offer – buy now!

Wherever you’re off to, have a brilliant time, and don’t forget to send in your photos for STABILO on Tour – you could win a back to school stationery bundle!




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