Chill out! How to Cope With Exam Stress

April 21, 2017 STABILO

A little bit of stress is no bad thing and can help spur you on to greatness. But too much can push your brain over the edge and send you into a tizzy. Here’s our top tips on how to identify stress and manage it over the nerve-wracking exam period.

• Everybody reacts to stress is different ways – it can make you irritable, lead to loss of appetite and prevent you from sleeping at night. It can even manifest itself in physical aches and pains! Learn to recognise when you’re stressing out and take active measures to kick it in the butt.

• Having a chat with a friend or family member that understands the pressures you are under can go a long way to helping ease the boiling pot of stress. As annoying as they are sometimes, your parents can be a huge support. Get them to take a look at our blog Dealing with exam stress – a parent’s guide! , so they’re best placed to support you during this challenging time.

• Friends and peers can be a great source of advice, but try not to take too much to heart. Revision techniques that work for one person may not for another, so panic not if your approach is different to your friends’. Exams are not a competition and comparing yourself to others will only heighten your levels of stress. Why not take our quiz to find out what might work for you?

• Sleep – who doesn’t love it? And while you’re revising it’s more important than ever. You need your full eight hours every night so don’t be tempted to stay up late cramming. If you’re finding it difficult to catch those Zs, give your brain plenty of opportunity to unwind before you go to bed at night. Go for a walk, do some drawing or catch up on your favourite TV show, anything that will help you relax before your head hits the pillow.

• And remember, exams are important but they’re not the be-all and end-all. Yes, you want to do well, but if you don’t get the results you need then there are always other options.

Why not have a go at chilling out with STABILO’s peaceful mandala? Print out the picture below and enjoy a blissful break from revision colouring it in. Once completed, share it with us on social media and let us know how your exam preparations are going. We’d love to hear how you’re getting on.


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