Easter holiday activities

April 7, 2015 STABILO

Two weeks off school and a mountain of chocolate makes for a hyperactive Easter holiday. Why not channel that energy into creative activities to keep your children amused and make some cool Easter themed crafts?shutterstock_123766078


Clay carrots

Using orange and green coloured clay, your children can make carrots for the Easter bunny. Getting them to roll and shape the clay is a great activity to strengthen their hands and develop fine motor skills. Older children can get involved as well by creating more complex shapes and designs.


Fluffy Easter chicks

Making these cute Easter chicks is easy but can be fiddly for little hands so you might need to pre-cut all the additions before getting started. All you need is some yellow pom poms –for little ones you can buy bigger pom poms for them to handle easier – some white card and orange and black pens to draw feet, beaks and eyes. Check out Mama Pea Pod’s blog for a full how-to.


shutterstock_259759160Easter egg hunt with handwritten jigsaw clues

If you’re holding an Easter egg hunt for your kids, make it even more interactive by creating handwritten jigsaw clues. Simply write out your clues onto card, draw over a jigsaw design and then cut the pieces out. Your children will then have to complete the jigsaw and read the clue before moving onto the next one.


Easter themed treat cups

Get crafty with pens and paper cups to create some Easter themed treat cups for your children to put their chocolate eggs in. You can decorate your cups however you like, with bunnies, colourful eggs, chicks and flowers. The Imagination Tree has a great tutorial for Easter Bunny Treat Cups. These cups are perfect for collecting treats on an Easter egg hunt or just sharing out chocolatey treats.


Marbled Easter eggs

This is a fantastic Easter activity for all ages and all you need is some hard boiled eggs, shaving cream and food colouring. Drop some food colouring into a bowl of shaving cream and then get your kids to roll the eggs in the shaving cream. Let them dry before wiping off the excess shaving cream to see the full marbled effect. Read this blog post from Hands On As We Grow for full instructions and some brilliant photos.


Colour in our Easter characters

We’ve created four printable Easter characters that need some colour to spring to life. Younger children can simply colour the characters in while older children could cut them out and make an Easter scene. Print your templates here to get started.

Easter competition print out 2 Easter competition print out 1


Whatever you get up to this Easter holiday, make it colourful. STABILO has a huge range of products for all ages to get creative. Visit our website to find out more.









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