October half term activities

October 21, 2015 STABILO

With the kids off school for a week and the weather being unpredictable, it can be hard to find things to keep them busy. But don’t worry mums and dads; we’ve got some fun and crafty ideas that children of all ages can enjoy:

Comic strip

Everyone wants to be a superhero, so what better than creating your own comic book? Outline a simple eight box storyboard with on some plain paper and your kids can fill in the boxes with their favourite superhero and villain. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you could design your own superhero. With 40 colours in the STABILO Pen 68 range, they’ll be plenty of colours to make your kids’ comics pop. For younger children, make the storyboard boxes larger and supply stickers for them to include with their drawing.

Blind portraits

Have you ever tried to draw something without looking at the paper? The results are interesting! Pair your kids up with a sibling or friend and get them to take it in turns drawing each other. The only catch is that they can’t look at the paper. When they’ve finished, they can colour in their blind portraits to create some brilliant abstract art.

Make an autumnal leaf collage

Autumn is a fantastic season for colourful nature. With the leaves blazing red, orange and yellow, they make a great collage. Collect the best (and driest) leaves you can find from the garden or local park, as well as any other bits and bobs, and then use PVA glue to stick all them all down to create an autumnal scene.

Make your own board game

Board games make great family entertainment when the weather is miserable, but if your children have exhausted your stash, why not create your own? Once you’ve thought of a fun idea, draw out a pathway on a large piece of cardboard and fill in each section before designing the background. Our STABILO Cappi pens are perfect for colouring in the board and their unusual tube shape means the pens won’t roll off the table. You can even make your own playing pieces out of clay.

Draw the future

The future is a strange place and it’s fun to imagine how we’ll be living in 100 years. Utilise your child’s imagination and get them to draw what they think the future will be like. Flying cars, robots or teleportation, there are no limits!

Enter a STABILO competition!

We’re looking for talented young artists to create some brilliant pictures for our 2016 calendar. Submit your child’s ‘month’ drawing to be in with a chance of seeing it in print!

You could also win a Pan Mac colouring book and pack of Pen 68 by entering our kid’s colouring competition. Find out more here.

Whatever you get up to this half term, we’d love to see it! Share your half term activity results on our Facebook or Twitter pages

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