The Power of Mind Maps

May 14, 2017 STABILO

If you’re setting off on a journey and you’re not sure how to get there, you use a map or a Sat Nav to guide you the way. So, considering your education is one long journey, why not apply the same philosophy with your studies? Mind maps can carve the way through a difficult part of your revision and make everything much more understandable, leading you to the destination of knowledge.

Contrary to what you might think, mind mapping is actually very easy to do and doesn’t require a whole lot of creative ability for the less creatively inclined of you out there. It’s all about drawing pictures and prompts that you will be able to recognise (no matter how good, or bad). The best mind maps are not the most arty and intricate ones, they’re the ones that you have created for yourself that you can look over and understand in your own way.


The 5 steps of mind map creation:


1. Create a central idea – this represents the topic that you are going to explore


2. Add branches – get your juices flowing with some core branches coming from your central idea. You can always add in branches as you learn!


3. Add keywords – label your branches with keywords so you can link the mind map to your triggers


4. Colour code – colour code each branch or group of topics, this allows you to categorise and identify information


5. Include images – add in your own doodles and drawing, to help you link everything together and allow you to recall more information


So, what are you waiting for? Create your very own mind map to lead you on your path to knowledge. Happy mapping!


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