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July 9, 2018 STABILO


Our idea to use some of the wonderful drawings sent in to us to start the STABILO Virtual Gallery certainly went down well with our followers. So much so that we have decided to feature more of your drawings this month, as we once again celebrate your fantastic skills, creativity and imagination.

Even if your drawing hasn’t been created using just STABILO products, it will still qualify for a coveted spot on the walls of our virtual STABILO Virtual Gallery. As you’ll be able to see as you scroll down, there’s a fascinating mix of styles to admire in this second batch of readers’ drawings.

We were absolutely blown away by the near-photographic detail of this extraordinary kingfisher produced by @riamarialew15.


But, as we all know, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Or, in this case, more than one way to draw a bird. Using a more relaxed style, and drawn completely from the imagination, @awaywithfairy has captured the beauty of a cute little bird.

Here at STABILO, colour is always guaranteed to catch the eye. The next two drawings we’ve chosen both happen to be of animals, and are choc-a-bloc with a range of mesmerising hues.

Every colour under the sun features in @KeriganAlison’s stunning portrait of Chloe McCoo, while the haughty cat drawn by @amayadoodles shows a gentle wit and a whimsical lightness of touch.

Getting a shade darker briefly, we were transfixed by the skull and rose sent to us by @_mrfaceless_. Immaculately skilful dot work that perfectly captures the spirit of the macabre.


@emullenartist pays a fitting (pun alert!), tribute to fashion designer, Paul Smith, with a stylish and moody drawing of a vivid blue suit worn by a handsome model in shades.



To round things off (not another terrible pun, surely?), we’re featuring the kaleidoscope of colour created by @jaz.jpeg. We‘re totally captivated by the mathematical precision of this particular drawing.

We love featuring the great drawings you create using your STABILO products. We’d really like to find out which one of these pieces is your favourite, so please get in touch and let us know.




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