Stocking the perfect pencil case

August 20, 2015 STABILO

One of the best things about going back to school is getting new stationery! We’ve packed the perfect pencil case for all of your school needs:.point 88 smaller


point 88 – the universal pen for students. With 30 colours in the point 88 range, make your notes stand out so you take the information in more effectively. Best subject: Science.




Pen 68 – our colour-intensive fibre-tipped Pen 68 are perfect for strong lines and large areas. Make your headlines and geography maps bright and colourful. Best subject: Geography.




s move festival spirit

‘s move FESTIVAL SPIRIT – keep a summer festival memento in your pencil case with the ‘s move FESTIVAL SPIRIT rollerball. Its ergonomic shape is perfect for relaxed writing so you won’t get a cramped hand during that long essay. Best subject: History.



Swing coolSwing Cool – highlight your notes in 8 fluorescent colours. STABILO’s Anti-Dry-Out technology protects your highlighters from drying out within 4 hours for when you’re concentrating hard on English literature annotations. Best subject: English.


Exam grade pencils




Exam Grade pencils – make exam situations less stressful with STABILO’s Exam Grade pencil. In HB and 2B, these pencils are perfect for mathematical diagrams and can be easily erased if you make a mistake. Best subject: Maths.


Tropikana festival spirit


tropikana FESTIVAL SPIRIT – jot down notes in style with the cool tribal-printed tropikana FESTIVAL SPIRIT ballpoint pen. Available in 6 brilliant colours, there’s a design to match your mood every day of the week. Best subject: French.


STABILO legend eraser


STABILO Legend 1198 Eraser – rub out any mistakes with our colourful box erasers and keep your work looking neat and tidy. Best subject: Graphic Design.


And no pencil case is complete without a ruler, compass and protractors.

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