7 top tips for handwriting

October 20, 2014 | STABILO

You can’t forget how to write but whether you’re 7 or 70, you can always improve. The way we are taught to write is the foundation for how we form words and letters throughout our entire lives, and may also affect how we feel about handwriting. (more…)


How to turn scribbles into letters

September 5, 2014 | STABILO

Scribbling is the earliest form of learning to write. Although every child will master the art of writing in their own time, encouraging your child to write in any form will help their development. The random squiggles your child makes as a toddler will gradually evolve to become recognisable as letters and shapes. (more…)


From iPads to pencils

September 1, 2014 | STABILO

6 handy hints to help your child ditch the ipad for a pencil Children are drawn to the shiny colourful screens of iPads. There are a huge number of apps out there that can be beneficial for children learning, for example vocabulary, maths and even learning to read. (more…)