‘Watch and draw with us’ step-by-step

November 17, 2015 STABILO

We’ve created a step-by-step guide to accompany our latest ‘Watch and draw with us’ video so you can try and recreate our fun loving dog at home.



Firstly, start off with the dog’s nose and muzzle.




Next, add in his eyes. These sit just above the start of his muzzle.





Draw in your dog’s mouth and tongue, starting with the unfinished line of his muzzle.






Fill out the dog’s head and body with two curved lines.








The line of the body also forms the back leg. Add in two front legs under his tongue.







Draw in a waggy tail.








Our dog’s ears are blowing in the wind so these come up and away from his head.








Add on any unique patches or spots and colour them in.









Finally, colour in his ears and add some grass under his feet.






We created Cappi the dog using a black STABILO Pen 68 for the outline and various Cappi fibre-tipped pens for the colour. Go back to our Facebook or Twitter pages and post your attempt to show off your drawing skills.


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