Watch and draw with us step-by-step

June 23, 2016 STABILO

We’ve created a step-by-step guide to accompany our castle ‘Watch and draw with us’ video – give it a go and create your very own castle, fit for a king or queen.


  1. Start with the outline using a black fine tip pen – we’ve used a STABILO Pen 68. Our castle has three main turrets, you can add as many as you like. Each turret has a flag atop it and the main body of the castle has many windows for you to rule over your kingdom.

Castle screenshot 1


2. Expand the castle by adding towers to each side of the front two turrets. These form the castle battlements. Then add a big fancy door and don’t forget some windows! We drew some stars around the castle to give a magical feel.

Castle screenshot 2


3. Fill the castle walls with brick effect to make it strong and solid.

Castle screenshot 3


4. Colour it in! Our castle is perched on top of a grassy hill with a driveway leading up to the door, but you could add a moat or any other details you like.

Castle screenshot 4


Share your finished castle drawings on our Facebook or Twitter pages to show of your royal sketching skills.

Parents, for younger children, draw the outline of the castle for them to colour in.


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