Writing tips for young journalists

June 23, 2015 STABILO

Are you a budding news journalist? You may already have your own blog but how would you like your very own online column? We have teamed up with First News to continue the hunt for the UK’s newest star reporter with our Young Journalist of the Year competition.

News usually has four forms: a news article, a feature article, an editorial article and a column. A column is an article that features in a newspaper or magazine on a regular basis where a writer gives their opinion on an important issue.

To help get you started with your column entry, we’ve put together some useful writing tips:

  • Carry a pen and notebook with you to catch an inspiration when you’re out and about. STABILO’s point 88 mini fineliners come in lots of funky colours and are perfect for jotting down notes wherever you are.
  • A great journalist trick is to interview people who are linked to your story. You Young journalist of the year stamp smallercould ask them questions over the phone or arrange to meet them with a parent/guardian. Make sure you take notes of what they say so you can quote them in your news column.
  • The more interested and passionate about a subject you are, the better your article will be. Passion really carries through in your writing and gives it a natural flow, so choose a topic that you feel strongly about.
  • ‘A photo speaks a thousand words’, so including pictures in your column makes it even more interesting to read.
  • Writing by hand is much more creative than typing on a computer and it also shows a bit of your personality. STABILO’s EASYoriginal handwriting pens are specially designed to be comfortable for long periods of time and come in left and right-handed versions.

Enter our Young Journalist of the Year competition for a chance to win your very own online column at www.firstnews.co.uk and a STABILO stationery goody bag for you and all your classmates!

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