Writing with a fountain pen guide

January 28, 2016 STABILO

Writing with a fountain pen can be tricky if you’re used to a pencil or ballpoint pen. The flow of ink from the fountain pen’s nib means you don’t need to apply as much pressure, but you’ll need to practice to get the angle of the nib right for a smooth glide.

Practicing on these handwriting sheets from the National Handwriting Association is a fantastic way to perfect your fountain pen writing skills, no matter how experienced you are at writing.



Copy out the patterns on the worksheet. This page replicates the movements needed for many letters in the alphabet. Go at your own speed, making sure you complete the movement properly with the nib gliding smoothly.








These diagonal patterns mean you’ll need to angle the pen to keep the nib in the right place. Take care to find the right angle so the nib doesn’t scratch.









The next pattern traces the movement for letters that have a curve. Try to keep the pattern as even as you can so your handwriting will be consistent.









You’ll be a handwriting expert in no time!







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