Pen licence class modules


Pen Licence teachers’ notes

Teachers, find out all about the Pen Licence Modules, what’s included and how they can support you in the classroom.

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Module 1 – World of Writing

This module takes children on a voyage of discovery into the world of letters, characters and symbols


Name Badges

Download the STABILO Pen Licence Name Badge for Module 1, Activity 4


Module 2 – Letter Lab

This module will help children build a personal relationship with letters, the shapes that make them and how they change.


Module 3 – Motion Trail

This module enables children to practise the basic motor skills they need to write and shape letters.


Module 4 – Writing Workshop

This module helps the children to practise their best handwriting, thinking about the pressure and force they need, the flow of letters in cursive writing, and how best to sit with the correct posture.


Module 5 – Styles of Writing

This module includes a range of activities which develop the children’s understanding of handwriting styles, font and technique.


Module 6 – Storyland

This final module enables the children to become budding authors! They are given the skills needed to create text and illustrations using all the skills and techniques that they have learnt so far.


Alphabet poster

Download this alphabet poster to decorate your classroom and help children learn their letters.


Hieroglyphics poster

Download this poster featuring a Hieroglyphics Alphabet, The Alphabet Tree and My Alphabet Chart to decorate your classroom walls.


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